Protect Xavier’s Dream from the monsters who would destroy it from the inside and out, nuff said.

*Do whatever it takes to get the job done.
*Magneto took it to far, sometimes peace comes at the cost of your own kind.
*Registration is not an option, plain and simple.
*Do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your team.

Wolverine and Psylocke

X-Force Serenity Points Guide
*Take out your targets, make sure they are disarmed whenever possible.
*Cover your tracks, there is no need to endanger what Xavier has going here.
*There are good people out there, keep them safe from the monsters who can’t control themselves, Mutant or human.

  • Take out the enemy, focus your attacks on the target.
  • Sometimes we make hard choices, make sure you can sleep at night by making the right one. Follow your gut, and don’t let things get to complicated.


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