A peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants. This future will be created by a group of mutants willing to overcome the prejudice and hardships that are unfairly placed upon them. These mutants are not leaders and heroes because of their X-gene, it is because of the X-factor they represent as the needed solution for a peaceful future.


  • A peaceful coexistence formed by doing what is right, regardless of consequences.
  • Whenever possible, find non-violent solutions to problems.
  • Protect humans and mutants alike, even from our own kind.
  • Encourage enlightenment over control.
  • Self-accountability for your actions, and equality for all people.

Beast and Iceman

X-Factor Serenity Points Guide

  • Finding peaceful solutions to end combat or preferably prevent it all together.
  • Staying within the confines of the law whenever possible.
  • Promoting the school in a positive light at all times.
  • Loyalty to the party leader. Holding yourself Accountable for actions of the team.


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