Student Organizations

The X-men have many inner workings and organizations composing it. The Academy features a wide variety of courses and extracurricular activities. However to the students, it is little secret that the X-men is where most of the attention goes around here. There are two public groups, and two secret groups. Affinity X and the Brotherhood hold many public seminars sponsored by teachers within the institute. Xavier encourages students to join in these social clubs although the Brotherhood has a tendency to get a little extreme at times.

X Factor- A collection of Xavier’s brightest Students young and old. Wishing to coexsist with humanity, the X-Factor organization works to ensure that the Institute pushes the cause of peace, understanding, and control.
LEADERS: Hank McCoy and Bobby Drake

X-Force- Mutants are hated, feared, and sometimes they should be. The X-Force makes sure humanity doesn’t become to overbearing. They also see fit to police their own mutant community to ensure that mutants don’t become to radical, no matter what the cost.
LEADERS: Logan and Elizabeth Braddock

Brotherhood- Humanity Doesn’t like us because we are different, that much is for sure. Some of the X-men will fight for humans before their own kind, that is where they disagree. The Brotherhood are a select few, united against anyone who would stand against them, Mutant or Human.
LEADERS: Pietro Maximoff and Wanda Maximoff

Acolytes- A war is coming, we will be ready. Pick a side. Humanity has committed horrible crimes, and they are not gonna stop unless the X-men Stop them. Mutants should unite under a banner together, not squabble among each other.
LEADERS: Warren Kenneth Worthington III and Emma Frost

The following Instructors are not involved in any of the organizations. They either find themselves preoccupied, at a neutral stance, or do not feel they are worth the divisions in the student body they cause.
Ororo Munroe, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Professor Charles Xavier

Student Organizations

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