Point System

Dominance/Serenity Points

1 Point Upgrades
First Class Uniform: Costume w/ Immunity to powers
Destiny: Use Extra Effort (Once Per Round)

>3 Point Upgrades
Uncanny Uniform: 10 Equipment Points or 2 Device Point*
Legacy: Gain 1 Hero Point (Once Per Game)

4 Point Upgrades
Mutant Orientation 101: 1 Skill Point
Uncanny Uniform: 10 Equipment Points or 2 Device Point*

6 Point Upgrades
Astonishing Uniform: 15 Equipment points or 3 Device Points Costume*
Between Anger and Serenity:* 1 PP (+1 Power Rank)

7 Point Upgrades
X-men Orientation 102: Gain 1 Advantage

8 Point Upgrades
2 Min. of Loki Trolls: Gain 1 PP (+1 Array Power)
Danger Room Orientation 103: Gain 1 Ability Score Increase

Capstone Upgrades
15: Ultimate Uniform: 30 Equipment points or 6 Device Point costume
18: Secondary Mutation: Alternate Form Unlocked
20: Mutant and Proud: Raise your Power Level +1
25: Spend’n Some Bits: 30 Equipment Points and 6 Device Point Costume
50: Phoenix Force: …really

*One time use only

**Please Note DP/SP is required to utilize extra effort. You must be invested in a cause to use Extra Effort. Using the points successfully will potentially gain you more DP/SP, but failing in your effort may cause you and your allies to lose faith in your cause.

Gaining DP/SP

  • Completing a mission
  • An amazing accomplishment in the field
  • Completing your Faction Mission
  • Recruiting a mutant to your faction

Point System

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