Magneto was right. There is a war coming, and we must prepare now. Strengthen Mutant-kind, do not war with each other, unite. We have been hunted and feared because we are different, superior. No more, together we stand.


  • Gather your strength, recruit all mutants to the cause against humans.
  • Secrecy is necessary, even from our ignorant brothers, all in good time we will reveal ourselves to them. Right now, they simply don’t understand.
  • If you must bring attention to yourself, give the enemy a reason to fear you.
  • Xavier’s institute must be safe, it is the only place functionally able to prepare mutants for the war ahead, this is a necessary compromise.
  • Do not rush the war ahead, but prepare for it.

Emma Frost & Arc Angel

Acolytes Dominance Points Guide

  • Defeat your enemies, but do not give them martyrs to rally behind, we must gain strength.
  • Publicly expose your enemies, make them pay for what they’ve done.
  • Recruit more powerful mutants, we will show them what danger truly is.
  • All armies need intelligence and technology, gather it however you can and be rewarded.


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