Project “Lucky Cobra” log entry 1

New test subject acquired earlier today. Designation number 738. See Attached photo B for appearance. Subject was initially reported to be roaming the forests of northwest United States. Location of acquisition was in Olympia National Forest. Mutations allowed subject to avoid capture some time (see operations report by Captain Brooks) but extent of ability is currently unknown. Testing to begin following standard 96 hour observation period.

Log entry 19

Subject identified as collection of individual organisms which somehow combine muscle and nervous systems. Shape and form variable. However appearance remains unchanged. Subject cannot change color or match the appearance of an individual for example. When left without stimulus subject falls into state comparably to human boredom. Form becomes fluid and motionless. Perhaps subject is in a state similar to sleep? When presented with other organisms subject shifts to roughly match the shape, such as quadrupedal with dogs and bipedal for humans.

Log Entry 234

After several months subject is beginning to have developed new abilities such more precise body control, long term shape maintenance, as well as increased mental and physical capacity. Subject required move to a new facility under purview of department K. Subject. Placing food within puzzle boxes distract subject during transit, in particular peanut butter. Subject has also gained size and mass with slight increase in organisms making up the whole. Has also began to make vocalizations.

Log entry 235

The new facility is quite distressing to the subject. First appearance of violent behavior observed. Subject threw itself against walls and observation windows. Unsure what stimulus is causing such agitation. Facility director released new protocols for subject. 12 hours a day of language training? Behavioral conditioning? Hopefully the budget can afford a 1000% percent increase in peanut butter orders.

Log entry 582

The subject has finally finished the language circuit! Will have to open that bottle of champagne. Language skills are now in acceptable criteria. Mental activity seems to also produced unexpected growth in nervous system allowing for greater cognition and problem solving. While below the average adult human, this is far above the initial animal intelligence displayed. Subject shows fondness for puzzles with multiple components and moving parts. Perhaps it is a projecting identity of self onto objects?

Log entry 947

The last year has been a battery of tests for the subject. After observation that enough stimulus produces growth in system, protocols were completely shuffled. Mental exercise given secondary priority to physical. Social skills given tertiary priority (or whatever the subject learns on it’s own) which is not surprising now that our new division direction is “combat/ military applications” Subject responds to 738 but refers to self in third person as “We” which was expected given unusual anatomy. When individual are taken from the whole of 738, they revert to animal intelligence and seek to return to collective of subject. If separated for long enough time, the individual loses energy and rigidity until dissolving into fluid. 738 produces new individuals to those too damaged or lost. Currently unknown what percentage removal would prove fatal to subject.

Log entry 1265

Subject has shown tremendous capability for violence in first week of military training. Superhuman levels of strength and durability evident. Mental capacity at levels of adult average. Social skills are a product of interactions with other mutant subject and military personnel. Recently required lengthy intervention to remove large vocabulary of slurs and “unprofessional” lingo. Subject uses free time to dissemble and reassemble technology that has been discarded. Intuitive understanding of interactions between mulch-component pieces demonstrated. Control of form has increased and can duplicate or approximate structures found in other organic organisms such as additional limbs, wings, or claws. Subject also demonstrates protective behavior of team mates placing itself in danger if it feels they are vulnerable. Perhaps this instinct is the result of it’s unique mental attributes?


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