Rothi Williams

a deal maker supported by two hounds to carry out the dirty work.




Name: Rothi Williams
Code Name: Crossroads
Height: 6’
Weight: 175
Hometown: Devils Maris (devils swamp) LA

Some whisper that Frothing is a voodoo priest and others that he made a deal with the devil. The truth is its neither. Rothi Williams is a mutant though he never truely knew he was as apt to believe the legends than to see the truth. That was until the Xmen found him and showed him the truth.

Rothi has the power to make deals with another individual deals that both parties must fulfilled or be brought low by psychic projections of large mastiffs affectionately name Semdei and Laveu. While the power is young and not fully realised several of his proffessors feel that the scope of the power can only grow in strength leading to stronger interaction between the dealer and the sealed.

Rothi Williams

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