Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier


1) He is still headmaster of the school. He has clashed with magneto and lost his ability to walk. In the battle, they were both treated with a cure that cost both of them their full-range of powers. They walked away from the battle alive, something their first team of X-men did not.
2) Professor X has received a weaker version the cure. As a result, he can only read minds through physical contact, and can project thoughts at will from any distance. However trying to pick up thoughts without physical contact has been shown to give him tremendous pain. This did not lower his spirits, as he is still continuing to benefit mutants who do not know how to use his powers.
3) His first class of X-men consisted of Vulcan, Banshee, Mystique, Darwin, Destiny, and Thunderbird.
4) He has taken more interest in younger students, and less in the X-men since their tragic schism between himself and Institute co-founder Erik Lehnsherr. Leadership was passed from the deceased Vulcan to his younger brother Scott Summers.


Professor X

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