Julius Johnson



Age 17
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


Julius Johnson was born into a large family, and was effectively raised by his older brother Marcus while his parents were away at work. Marcus was always worried about thugs trying to get to his brothers and sisters, and one day his involvement got him killed. Julius vowed revenge against the thugs that killed his brother, awakening his powers in a brawl with a few of the thugs, who also told him that his brothers death had been orchestrated by someone higher up. This lead Julius to seek revenge against those truly responsible, and resulted in his bringing down the run-down apartment building they used as a base of operations. The only problem was that they were not the only ones who had taken up residence in the apartment, and when he heard the news report the next day, Julius discovered that he had caused the deaths of more than thirty people, only a few of which had been a part of the crime syndicate that was responsible for his brother’s death. Julius (age 13) left home in the night after discovering this, wanting to keep his family safe from himself because clearly he was only meant to destroy things. Life grew difficult for him on the streets, and he began fighting in underground bare-knuckling boxing matches to make money. He developed quite a name for himself in these bloody rings, and eventually caught the attention of some larger crime lords. Julius saw through the gangsters that were sent to recruit him and always sent them back with the message that he would never work for the crime lords.

Julius was eventually approached by a man named Eddie Trask, a former boxing trainer who owned a small gym, who offered to train him and get him out of these grisly underground matches. Julius agreed (because he was not affiliated with the gangs) and grew to respect Eddie as they worked together. It was Eddie who taught Julius how to focus his energy, both in and out of the ring, into something constructive. It was through Eddie that Julius caught the attention of Professor X. Eddie had never lied to Julius, but he had also never told him that his small gym was being pressured to sell and he had taken a loan from the mob to keep his gym from being sold, the interest had been compounding for a long time, and according to the mob’s calculations, Eddie owed them Julius as payment. Eddie refused to give them Julius, and the mobster told him to take a day to think it over, and when they came back they would either be taking Julius with them, or him. In his desperation, Eddie called in a favor to try and find a place to hide Julius. The man he called next was very interested in meeting Julius, and got on the next flight to Chicago. That night the man, and Eddie, came to talk to Julius about what was happening. At first, Julius was furious that Eddie had lied to him, but eventually he was swayed to forgive him and go with the man to his school for “gifted” children.

Julius Johnson

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