Dominic Dace





Name: Dominic Dace
Code Name: Eclipse
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green (Black)
Age: 19 (December 21)
Known Family: Father – Charles Dace, Mother – Sofia Dace (Deceased), Brother, Younger – Charlie Dace Jr. (Unknown)
Home Town: Chicago, IL

History: The Dace family had settled down in Chicago. Charles, an architect, and Sofia, a professional chef, met in college and moved to Chicago when Charles got a job early in his career. Charles and Sofia had two children 3 years apart, both boys, Dominic and Charles Jr. Unfortunately for the family, Charles and Sofia both died in a tragic car accident when the boys were 8 and 5 respectively. With their grandparents already passed and both Charles and Sofia only children, the brothers grew up in an orphanage. Young Charlie was all Dominic had left in life and dedicated everything to watching out for him. Sometimes to the point of being overprotective Dominic took care of Charlie, keeping him safe and as comfortable as possible given their lifestyle.

At the age of 13 Dace Dominic’s x-gene became active. Seeing his brother’s night light seemingly flare up, Dace went to his brother’s bedside to investigate. In an instant Dominic felt an energy surge through him and the dark orphanage room fell into complete and utter darkness. Almost immediately Dace’s eye sight adjusted and, the rest of the room just as the light had left it, his brother was gone. Without a clue or lead to go on local police were stumped. To this day what happened to Charlie is a mystery but deep down, Dace knows it had something to do with him.

Scarred by the loss of all he had left, Dominic fled the orphanage. Not knowing where he would run Dominic found himself in a life all too common for aimless teenagers, crime. His early years dominated as lookout, thief and running gambling schemes as a general vagrant, Dominic lacks a formal education but has gained worldly experience far beyond his years. Growing up on the underside of society has lead to a rough upbringing for Dominic. He has spent time homeless on the streets and had more than his fair share of run-in’s on the wrong side of the law.

While his power is raw, Dominic has done much to hone his abilities in secret, further aiding in his life of crime in the shadows of society. Recently Dominic has felt discontent with his path in life, maturing to a point that he is aware his current path is a dead end. Thankfully, the letter from the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youth (mysteriously delivered to him without an address) came at the right time. Seeking to further refine his talents, change his life, answer who he is and most importantly, discover what happened to his brother, Dominic began a hitch hiking trip to Xavier’s Institute.

Psych Profile: Dominic’s tragic upbringing has led to an unusual personality. The loss he has suffered in his life makes him fairly secretive and sometimes emotional distant with others. This personality trait seems to have an opposite side of the coin as well however. Dominic’s strong bond with his younger brother proves his capability to forge strong connections with others, albeit with some difficult. In fact, his connection to his brother and a selective few in his criminal days have resulted in a protectiveness of those he holds dear. He has gotten into fights with others protecting his brother and has taken the fall for some of his closer criminal compatriots. While he sometimes ignores or even opposes authority, he has made strong connections of respect with some mentor figures in his life, perhaps in an attempt to replace a parent like figure missing from his early years. Dominic sometimes comes off older than he really is, a product of an independent life style and the raising of a younger sibling.

Powers: Umbrakinesis / Umbragenesis

Dace has shown the ability to both create and manipulate darkness. Beyond the standard creation of a blanket of darkness he has shown the remarkable ability to form the the darkness around him in several interesting ways. He has shown himself capable of firing bolts of dark energy as well as utilizing his mutation to forge weapons of pure darkness. His powers have also manifest in a way which allow Dace to capitalize on the natural fear others have of the darkness, leaving his targets shaken and sometimes immobilized in terror. Maybe most interestingly, the darkness around Dace seems to protect him from harm without command.

Dominic Dace

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