Paradigm X

Character Creation
Welcome to Mutant 101

Character Creations will be very simple.

  1. Accept invite to Obsidian Portal. Put a short bio, given the information available in character and wiki entries.
  2. After this, I will aid you in converting your character into game mechanics.

What you need to know to make YOUR X-man:

1) The universe is much younger. People know about mutants. Think X-men 1 in regards to people’s awareness and feelings towards mutants.

2) Do not use other marvel characters in your back story unless it is very generic or open to change. Either way ask me before you set your heart on a concept. The x-men will have slight changes due to altering the environment to fit the tone of the game. Try not to make assumptions without asking.

3) You DO NOT have to be a teenager. Although you are at a school, the professor is aiding all mutants. He can find a job for you similar to how he helped Magneto in X-men First Class. Maybe you were hired as a security guard for the school or a teacher.

4) Character types already made:
Energy Blaster (Jordan)
Energy Controller (DANE)
? (MAX)


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